December 23, 2015

Search Engine Optimization –Myths or Facts

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We all have heard conversations and read articles regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as scam, misleading efforts, or too much cost for too little! Then again, we notice that many companies engage fulltime online marketing experts to work on their online presence and to increase ranking of their web pages on search results! So what to believe or where to start?

Search Engine Optimization has its roots on various algorithms that search engines utilize to rank a given web page with respect to a given keyword/key-phrase. Google is winning almost 10 patents per day on various ways to index and rank contents over the Internet! Google (and almost all other search engines) state that they are improving their technologies to provide relevant content to searchers, with their own strategic guidelines!  Optimizing content for search results mean using properly formatted, correctly programmed, and legitimately valuable content for end users to be indexed by search engines! There is no trick or smart way to optimize content except providing it in acceptable format. The level of acceptance is defined by numerous patented algorithms.

Content strategists tactically suggest aligning the overall content of a web page around a given topic. SEO experts look for relevant keywords/key phrases amongst the content of the web page to suggest relevant tagging (i.e. title/description of the page, headers, alternative tags, etc.) Various bots and spiders of search engines periodically explore the Internet for relevant web pages to discover, include in their database, and apply a weighing system (based on their algorithms) to the detected content. Likewise, search engines weighing system explores other possibilities to rank a web page (such as legitimacy of the web page, popularity of search criteria, in/out bound links, web page update history, etc.)

Other criteria that expert SEO marketers explore and employ would include implementing various traffic analysis codes (analytics), continuously ranking/ apprising on-page keywords/key phrases, engaging online users to interact - if applicable (such as commenting on blogs or contents, etc.) To increase popularity of a web page, an online marketer may interact with other social media users around the topic of interest and drive traffic to the site. Another definite traffic generation is online advertising campaign (such as ads on search engines, high-traffic sites, online directories, etc.) This effort has direct impact on the popularity of a web page, resulting in higher-ranking of the page and inclusion on higher real estate of search results.

Search Engine Optimization and online marketing is a blend of science and art. An experienced online marketer would apply a proven method (deducted from search algorithms) precisely where they need to be used efficiently. Of course other criteria affect SEO implementation such as continuous updates, content organization (easier for browsing experience), legitimacy of domain and business entity, pitched content (for end user), ease of access, structured content (eliminate ambiguity), error-free and technically compliant/standards-based, (relatively) acceptable performance, number of in-bound and out-bound links, etc.

October 2, 2009

SEO and keywords setting – best practices

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Any professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert would agree that keywords are the SEO fuel. All the efforts to fine-tune a web site adjusted for top rankings on search engines will not pay-off if the targeted keywords are not tweaked correctly. The key is to use the most relevant / important keywords on top of the keywords list on a given web page. Finding top ranking keywords set, and inserting them ALL at once on all your web pages will not pay off. Instead, it is advisable to use the keywords tuned to each web page, as well as using those keywords on the content / body of your web page that will pay off higher in search results. Following is a few Best Practices for how to use your keywords as well as other SEO factors:

  • <Title> Tag - The Title of the web page must be short and precise, say 6-12 words (maximum of 150 characters)
  • Anchor text - Even though internal anchor text-over can result in Google penalty, anchor text with keyword focus from external links is an important factor.
  • Headings - The Keywords placed on the heading in H1 is an important factor but the web page should have actual text relevant to the keyword as well (a policy of W3C).
  • It is a good practice to keep high-ranking keywords as first words of the heading (to be assured f their inclusion, if any).
  • Avoid keyword Stuffing and overloading of a web page with keywords.
  • Even though most search engines such as Yahoo and Bing are still relying on Meta tags, others such as Google do not emphasize on them with little or no importance. However, having Meta tags properly filled and inserted will not harm.
  • Proximity – In both Meta tags (title, description, etc.) as well as the content of the page, the closeness between 2 or more keywords is awarded with higher ranking.

Softinet SEO experts use over 150 different factors when optimizing a give web site. Access our short list of Best Practices in SEO and Keyword analysis on our web site. For more information regarding Search Engine Optimization and high-ranking keyword analysis and positioning, please contact Softinet.

NOTE: Much has changed since then, and I will update all information on this blog very soon.

July 13, 2009

Word-of-Mouth, web 2.0, Technology and your business reputation

I was reading an article [1] about Word-of-Mouth driving more clients to our small businesses, and how we can take advantage of the Internet. The article highlights benefits of online reputation of dentists and how to leverage Internet technology to build online recognition. The author mainly pointed out advantages of search engines; in particular Google, and its “relevant keyword positioning” to bring reputable professionals on search results. Unlike its heading, there was little mention of Online Social Networking Communities as promotional vehicles!

Building a successful professional recognition on the Internet is only achievable if we correctly use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. This is just half-way through our action. The other half depends on how we utilize relevant social-networking communities on the Internet to build our recognition. To me these two points are two faces of the same coin; If both actions are not taken concurrently, we can not expect an optimal result.

Be aware that no single solution is applicable to every business. Each business has its own Search Engine Optimization proceeding. Also, individual business entities have created their own social-networking communities on the Internet. Softinet, Inc. has been providing customized marketing solutions since 2000. We have track record of multiple Return on Online Investment (ROI).

[1] Word-of-Mouth 2.0: Gain New Patients With Your Online Reputation”; By Dr. Lorne Lavine, published on Sidekick, Summer 2009

June 1, 2009

Online Presence & Visibility is An Issue!

Category: Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization — David @ 12:41 pm

There are lots of buzz words regarding online marketing on the Net! I wonder if non-technical crowd knows the difference between online visibility and online marketing campaigns?

Last week I had a call from a colleague regarding one of his clients who had spent over $25K in the past 10 months for his online marketing! Surprisingly, I found his web site is not even on the local search results! For that price, his web site is not even discovered on his local city! Then I was wondering for what level of marketing he has spent so much? After a few hours; checking his web site’s Meta tags, online directories, search engines, etc. I found much of his money was gone for broader keywords on AdWrods! His online marketing spending brought no business to him! His web site is not even discoverable on his local town!

Online marketing activities and campaigns must be done by those who have proven track record. All marketers must track and record their success and prove their competencies. Each business has its own online marketing price, and business owners must be informed for every and all steps of their campaigns’ dollars.

Contact me and I will be happy to provide a short assessment of your marketing activity.
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March 29, 2009

How to market your business in our current economic turmoil?

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A cost effective marketing involves many parallel pursuit. One of effective marketing activities is online marketing, which entails engaging in, and tracking multiple online marketing channels concurrently. In ever-expanding Internet networks, relying on one-or-two channels to outreach your targeted audience will not be a cost effective approach. To justify higher Return On Investment (ROI), we ought to try any possible online network to downpour traffic to our web site.

We are in an extreme down turn era and all indicators suggest that current economic turmoil will last till at least the end of summer of 2009! Almost all sectors of economy is experiencing hardship, except bio-tech, healthcare, education, and to some lesser degree, IT (Information Technology) that are in slightly better situation! At hard times, we all start to be creative – hence I think many businesses will transform their models and strategies to bypass current financial tsunami.

One of the most cost effective customer outreach is online marketing. Rich-content, high-traffic, user-generated, and community web sites of new Internet era have created highly visible hubs to place targeted advertising for qualified sales leads generation. Online marketing is a first-class spot for leads generation, as most organizations will be relying even more on cost effective Internet presence, to market their products and services.

Internet is still expanding exponentially! Never before human history has recorded freely-available information, as there are hundreds of millions of web sites full of valuable (and sometimes not-so-useful) content. However, having a graphically appealing web presence, with a mesh if information, wouldn’t bring sales leads anymore. If the content of a web page is not at the top of an online search results (regardless of search tool), its content will be buried under tons of other subject matters. Online marketing of a printed brochure for instance, is very different than its online counterpart. An online brochure needs to have a UI designer to create it for its target audience, a web engineer to correctly construct its feel and look, and a proactive marketer to drive its community outreach for effective Return On Investment (ROI).

With unemployment in double digits and popular spending in its lowest level in the past few decades, it is absolutely critical for marketers to maintain and expand their networks. Online marketing differs from its traditional approach in its effective execution. Just having a web site, including targeted META information is not enough anymore! Search Engine Optimization can not bring adequate traffic to justify the investment anymore! A proactive online marketer ought to utilize all available tools to bring their products and service to customers’ awareness. Internet marketing community reports and newsletter coupled with proactive utilization of online networks (such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, etc.) are a few of the tools exploited to outreach online consumers and target audience.

Contact David at Softinet, Inc. for your next online marketing project.

July 2, 2008

Power of META Tags

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Internet is the next industrial revolution of human history. It’s the biggest library created by Human and available to all without barriers (at least for now!) But like any library of knowledge, cataloging and efficient categorization of this humongous knowledge base is and will be the most challenging aspect of this system of global information. This is the main reason why search engines are becoming so popular.

Based on many research and publications, over %85 of all Internet users rely on search engines to find their needed information. To effectively put any web site onto this global map, web sites must be planned and developed with search engines in mind. How to be indexed by different search engines have become an art and science of its own. Your site will be more effective if you can get a listing near the top of your category.

Most search engines use automated programs (called Spiders and Crawlers) to index the Internet and place web sites into their databases. These programs access millions of web sties and their document automatically, and based on some predefined metrics, they rank the web sites for their placements when people are looking for relevant information. The use of search engines crawlers come to picture when we know what they are looking for in order to rank a given web site. Some of the ranking algorithm is seeking for relevant information placed on the header of each web page such META information (enclosed within Meta Tags). This is only one way of ranking.

Insertion of Meta Tags into the web pages by itself does equate to an effective Search Engine Optimization. However, this is one way to help crawlers to index web sites. We at Softinet employ different methods to place our clients’ web site on higher search results. Contact us (408.730.0090) or send us an email for a full Search Engine optimization and let us help your web site to reachable by more visitors.

June 18, 2008

Essentials of SEO Services

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Your website; no matter how simple or elaborate, shall convey your messages regarding products and services. Just having nicely designed artwork, or beautiful pictures on your website will not bring viewers to your site. A successful website owner shall seek to promote the site based on the content of the site. A better ranking website ought to be marketed using any available tools to bring more traffic to the site. A thriving website without essential Search Engine Optimization will definitely lack traffic.

A complete Search Engine Optimization shall be focused on many factors. Just adding Title, Description and some generic Keywords is not considered as a viable SEO service to bring your website on search engines’ result page to any higher level. SEO service shall contain a roadmap on what to do and when to apply what action. A practical SEO service shall look at the search engines’ barriers including structural analysis, compliance with W3C for XHTML programming, textual content of their web pages aligned with SEO services, high-ranking and top keywords analysis, back-link analysis, etc.

Once the site is organically optimized for major search engines, it traffic must be analyzed and enhanced for more traffic. This is the only way to ensure traffic increase and more visibility.

Call Softinet (408.730.0090) or send us email. We have extensive consulting services.

June 10, 2008

What We Do Regarding Website Optimization

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Proposal & Analysis
We will conduct an initial assessment of your website, highlighting the major SEO trouble spots found on your site that can cause search engines to misunderstand your site, or worse not even be able to read and index your web pages. We will provide a high level view of the changes we would propose making to your site. This is deliberately high level as the full analysis is part of our services and takes longer time when done correctly. Once we are engaged to carry out optimization to your website, we will provide the following major activities.

Initial SEO Steps

  • Keyword research is the most important first step. We would usually concentrate on one to five key phrases for the whole site (theme) and one to three phrases for a single web page.
  • Competition analysis (their market place / share, their rank - for which terms, out-bound links, etc.) will b ring your website as vertical marketing optimization to outperform your competition.
  • W3C compliance of your website and fixing its broken codes to make sure it is search engine friendly.
  • Inbound Link generation by submitting to thousands of search engines, even though your website will be found by search engines naturally due to our SEO services. This is just a faster inbound link generation.
  • Sitemap development as the crawlers of the larger search engines would index your site easily via your website sitemap.

Ongoing SEO Services

  • Web analytics which will allow us to measure your internet and online activities and track / measure your online marketing effectiveness. Ongoing web traffic analysis will ensure Return on Investment (ROI) in any type of marketing campaign online such as SEO, paid search, display advertising, email marketing, social media or affiliate marketing, etc.
  • Content generation as your website has to change and grow over time. Providing good quality content that is related to what you do, but not necessarily aimed to sell something directly is the best opportunity to increase website traffic and exposure of your business.
  • Link Building to make your website and online presence as a part of growing WEB. Inbound links play an important role in virtually every search engine when it comes to ranking pages in their search results. This is a never ending process - while it happens naturally, it is advisable to be more pro-active from your part to get more and good inbound links.
  • Engagement, Trust and Community Building, as social media and social networking is the underlying core elements of recent expansion of web community. People will talk about you, with or without you being around if you have up-to-date and interactive online presence. We will take the opportunity to make your website to become part of the discussion to build trust and deeper relationships with your customers or potential customers.
  • Ranking and Traffic Analysis to provide you realistic results of where your website is today, and to be able to compare it with data in the future. We will create points of references as how your online presence is doing and what to be done to increase your results, be on top of the search results, and create more sales leads.
  • Conversion Analysis to reach the end-point; your bottom line, as do you make profit or you lose money due to your online activities. All of our online efforts have to contribute directly or indirectly to a positive Return of Investment, regardless of our products, services, or the type of our community engagement. We will provide you details to increase conversion.
Contact Softinet (408.730.0090) or send us an email and ask about our e-Marketing services.
June 7, 2008

Softinet SEO Services

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Softinet has over ten years of experience in designing websites that are optimized for web crawlers. We are completely focused on providing excellent customer service. We will fulfill our commitment to bring out the best in your site, not just for search engines but also for customers and visitors. We provide site analysis, keywords analysis and ranking, manual submission to online directories, Pay-Per-Click campaigns and other e-Marketing techniques that improve the sales leads generation of our clients through their web sites. Contact us for a thorough analysis of your site and its search engine visibility.

Softinet provides in-dept and custom-designed SEO and web analysis

  • Free first-step phone consultation
  • Custom search engine optimization analysis of your web site
  • Keyword research based on your business-specific target market
  • Full Web site usability analysis

We will then provide an in-depth report containing the following information:

  • Problem and trouble spots on your web site that might impede your site’s high rankings
  • Enhancements to your current web site to help facilitate high rankings
  • Copyright analysis along with suggested changes
  • Extensive usability and user interface evaluation
  • Optimizations suggestions on web pages that would help achieving higher rankings
  • Keyword research utiliing different tools and database of keywords that people use to search the Net
  • Site architecture and navigational enhancement suggestions
  • Suggestions improving title tags, description tags, and keywords tags
  • Browser compatibility testing and QA

Call Softinet (408.730.0090) or send us email and ask about our extensive Retainer Plan (ongoing phone / reporting consultation or In-House Consultation / Training.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

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Simply having a well designed web site would not bring Internet traffic to your site. Information on your webs ite, its conveyance and use by your customers is the cornerstone of effective and efficient online business. How to present your rich and expensively composed contents to your clients can be another expensive task by itself!

<>Still one of the best ways to generate free and targeted traffic to your Web site is Search Engine Optimization (SEO); a process of revolving individual Web pages (and sometimes the entire Web site) around a handful of highly targeted keywords, is one way of driving free traffic to your website. To gain higher rankings takes a careful analysis of your website, along with knowledge of the current search engine algorithms and changes tat shall be made to your current website.

Your website’s ranking in the top ten / twenty search engine results will attract the highest traffic to your site. Web traffic however, drops significantly once your web site falls below top 30. Sales as well as traffic to your site depend on how it is ranked by search engines and the keywords you select to maximize your site’s visibility. Just remember that ineffective/wrong keywords would result in missed sales opportunities. Organic SEO is a free targeted traffic generation method. Once you optimize the design of your site, web crawlers will pick your site the very first time. Search engine optimization should be a significant part of your strategy to boost online traffic.

Please stay tuned for more on this subject…