June 1, 2009

Online Presence & Visibility is An Issue!

Category: Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization — David @ 12:41 pm

There are lots of buzz words regarding online marketing on the Net! I wonder if non-technical crowd knows the difference between online visibility and online marketing campaigns?

Last week I had a call from a colleague regarding one of his clients who had spent over $25K in the past 10 months for his online marketing! Surprisingly, I found his web site is not even on the local search results! For that price, his web site is not even discovered on his local city! Then I was wondering for what level of marketing he has spent so much? After a few hours; checking his web site’s Meta tags, online directories, search engines, etc. I found much of his money was gone for broader keywords on AdWrods! His online marketing spending brought no business to him! His web site is not even discoverable on his local town!

Online marketing activities and campaigns must be done by those who have proven track record. All marketers must track and record their success and prove their competencies. Each business has its own online marketing price, and business owners must be informed for every and all steps of their campaigns’ dollars.

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