October 2, 2009

SEO and keywords setting – best practices

Category: Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization — David @ 1:54 pm

Any professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert would agree that keywords are the SEO fuel. All the efforts to fine-tune a web site adjusted for top rankings on search engines will not pay-off if the targeted keywords are not tweaked correctly. The key is to use the most relevant / important keywords on top of the keywords list on a given web page. Finding top ranking keywords set, and inserting them ALL at once on all your web pages will not pay off. Instead, it is advisable to use the keywords tuned to each web page, as well as using those keywords on the content / body of your web page that will pay off higher in search results. Following is a few Best Practices for how to use your keywords as well as other SEO factors:

  • <Title> Tag - The Title of the web page must be short and precise, say 6-12 words (maximum of 150 characters)
  • Anchor text - Even though internal anchor text-over can result in Google penalty, anchor text with keyword focus from external links is an important factor.
  • Headings - The Keywords placed on the heading in H1 is an important factor but the web page should have actual text relevant to the keyword as well (a policy of W3C).
  • It is a good practice to keep high-ranking keywords as first words of the heading (to be assured f their inclusion, if any).
  • Avoid keyword Stuffing and overloading of a web page with keywords.
  • Even though most search engines such as Yahoo and Bing are still relying on Meta tags, others such as Google do not emphasize on them with little or no importance. However, having Meta tags properly filled and inserted will not harm.
  • Proximity – In both Meta tags (title, description, etc.) as well as the content of the page, the closeness between 2 or more keywords is awarded with higher ranking.

Softinet SEO experts use over 150 different factors when optimizing a give web site. Access our short list of Best Practices in SEO and Keyword analysis on our web site. For more information regarding Search Engine Optimization and high-ranking keyword analysis and positioning, please contact Softinet.

NOTE: Much has changed since then, and I will update all information on this blog very soon.

June 18, 2008

Essentials of SEO Services

Category: Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization — David @ 7:53 am

Your website; no matter how simple or elaborate, shall convey your messages regarding products and services. Just having nicely designed artwork, or beautiful pictures on your website will not bring viewers to your site. A successful website owner shall seek to promote the site based on the content of the site. A better ranking website ought to be marketed using any available tools to bring more traffic to the site. A thriving website without essential Search Engine Optimization will definitely lack traffic.

A complete Search Engine Optimization shall be focused on many factors. Just adding Title, Description and some generic Keywords is not considered as a viable SEO service to bring your website on search engines’ result page to any higher level. SEO service shall contain a roadmap on what to do and when to apply what action. A practical SEO service shall look at the search engines’ barriers including structural analysis, compliance with W3C for XHTML programming, textual content of their web pages aligned with SEO services, high-ranking and top keywords analysis, back-link analysis, etc.

Once the site is organically optimized for major search engines, it traffic must be analyzed and enhanced for more traffic. This is the only way to ensure traffic increase and more visibility.

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